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Paal is an electrified watercraft manufacturer for recreational & commercial markets. It aims to provide an affordable, trendy & sustainable marine lifestyle to consumers with its high-end performance, tech & comfort. The team is composed of seasoned entrepreneurs, award winners & experienced professionals in the marine industry. We navigate new horizons for a brighter, cleaner tomorrow.

During the Covid pandemic, our founding team came to an epiphany: As human beings we all share a responsibility to protect & enjoy the vastness the planet has to offer. They yearned for freedom, and shared a passion for boating, and sustainability. But our founders saw some problems with the traditional marine industry. Powerboats create heavy pollution, are expensive to run and maintain, and are slow to adapt to new technologies. They knew there needed to be a change. Together with a vision to create sustainable marine lifestyle, they embarked on a journey with a shared dream: To create beautiful, electrified boats that meld tradition, new technologies, and adventure. Thus, Paal was formed.

However, they knew this goal would not be easy. The electric boats on the market today have to sacrifice either speed or range (due to increased weight and limitations of batteries) and are not comparable to boats with traditional internal combustion engines (ICE). They were undeterred, and Paal began to build an experienced, award-winning team from many different cultures and nationalities. From Superyacht designers in Italy to engineers in Germany, the Paal team is full of superstars with decades of experience in all aspects of boat building. With their team in place, they designed their own proprietary propulsion system that would offer the best of both worlds: little to no pollution, inexpensive to run and maintain, and no need to sacrifice speed or range. All benefits, no drawbacks.

Paal makes boats for those who want to see beyond the horizon and explore the unknown; for those who yearn for freedom and tranquility; and for those who want to be part of a brighter, cleaner tomorrow. Come navigate new horizons with Paal!


Paal’s culture is centered around Humanistic Capitalism putting absolute emphasis on team members being the most prized asset within the orgranization thus amplifying the concept “Man behind the Machines”. Paal further prides itself on its culture of openness, honesty, and collaboration. At Paal we strive to push the boundaries of possibility together as one team, where all people irrespective of culture, faith, color or background or ideas are superlative on their own terms.

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Your gateway to affordable & efficient future of marine watercrafts.

Electrified Engine

Our patented propulsion system is silent, fast, and has the longest range in the industry.

Luxurious Looks

Italian Designed, American made

Tranquil Travel

No noise, less maintenance, more peace of mind


Our boats only get better with time