Paal’s watercraft offer cleaner, quieter, and more effective power with much less maintenance and costs. In fact, our boats boast range and speeds comparable to most traditional gasoline boats on the market (at our size).

Paal is making the most affordable electrified watercraft products out in the market. In fact are products are on average, 30% less expensive than any other electric boats of similar size or specifications.

Yes! Paal’s revolutionary patented propulsion systems are what keeps us ahead of the competition.

The Paal 26Amerigo can achieve a max range of about 200+ nautical miles.

Unfortunately, Paal boats are designed and classified for inland waterways and coastline and not the open sea. However, stay connected for exciting vessels to come!

Yes! All Paal products are designed for both saltwater and freshwater.

Yes, all Paal products are able to run in all kinds of weather, and all temperatures.

Upon purchase, our team will install a standard home charger typically installed on the new boat’s personal/leased dock.

Using your home charger, the 26Amerigo will take about 8-9 hours to charge, the 18Ponce will take 6-8 hours to charge, and the E-Ski will take 4-6 hours to charge.

Paal boats will always let the driver know how much battery they need in order to get back to their set “home” dock. However, if you do run out of juice, there is a back-up diesel generator to recharge your batteries.

Over-the-air updates will allow your Paal boat to become smarter over time. Updates will eventually include complete autonomous driving, a virtual first mate, and more.

Paal watercraft are not in production yet, but you can reserve a Paal boat through our website. Once all Paal Products go on sale, you will be able to buy directly through our website as well as through certified dealers in both Michigan and Florida.