In the early 17th century, a young pirate with jet-black hair struck fear into weathly merchants and slave traders alike. That pirate, Captain Samuel Bellamy, nicknamed “Black Sam”, is regarded as one of the greatest pirates in history. With a crew of freed slaves, Native Americans, and sailors, Black Sam captured 53 ships in a single year and did so without killing any of his captives. He was also known as “The Robin Hood of the Sea”, only preying on the wealthy and treating everyone on his crew as equals. Only having lived to 28 years old, Black Sam looted over $160 million in today’s dollars, making him the richest pirate of all time.

The E-SKI, AKA “Black Sam” does not take prisoners. This PWC offers straightline power and immediate acceleration, boasting a top speed of 40mph and a 0-30mph time of ___ seconds. Our revolutionary open design incorporates shock absorption into the seat, allowing for the most comfortable ride and the smoothest landings. Jumping waves, cruisin coastlines, or high- speed skiing, Black Sam takes it all on.

Go out and conquer the Seven Seas.



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Additional information

Weight 10 kg
Dimensions 15 × 15 × 7 cm


Your Paal comes turn-key ready with these great features:

Proprietary propulsion system

Dock Charger- Standard plug-in-electric charger with free installation

Over-the-cloud updates and support- Free software upgrades over lifetime of your boat

LCD touch screen with various smart navigation systems

Customize your Paal experience with these great upgrades:

Color – Grey, Blue, White, Black, Paal Green

Additional battery packs

Backup Generator

Boat Cover

Premium Synthetic/Leather Interior

Additional Information

Electrified power, simplified. Built in the heart of Michigan, our engines are the most efficient, safe electric propulsion systems on the market. Enjoy silent, sustainable, straight line power with less maintenance and costs. With both fully electric and hybrid electric models available, we pride ourselves on our commitments to both sustainability of our oceans and performance for our customers. Additional information will be publicly available soon, but reach out through our CONTACT US form for a meeting with our team for more information!

About Our

The most efficient, cutting-edge watercrafts in the industry.


Our patented propulsion system is silent, fast, and has the longest range in the industry.


Italian Designed, American made


No noise, less maintenance, more peace of mind


Our boats only get better with time

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