April 2nd, 1513: Juan Ponce De Leon lands on the East Coast of Florida, near present-day St. Augustine, claiming territory for the Spanish crown. While the land had been inhabited by Native Americans for thousands of years, this was the first European expedition of this new land he named “La Florida” as it was spotted during the Festival of Flowers at Easter. This expedition was not just about land; stories say that Ponce De Leon was searching for the legendary Fountain of Youth: a spring that revitalizes those who drink from its waters.

While he never found this fabled fountain, The 16Ponce will revitalize and energize those who ride on this lively speedboat. Twin electrified motors deliver straight power and insane acceleration, while its custom-designed hull allows for nimble maneuvers and stability in tough conditions. Finally, our retractable cockpit offers an experience like no other; opening up to have riders experience the rush of wind in their face and closing for protection and comfort in the worst conditions.

Find your own Fountain of Youth with the 16Ponce.

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Our patented propulsion system is silent, fast, and has the longest range in the industry.


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